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Imofar offer all of our clients the complete fibre optic package. Design, installation, testing, maintenance and repairs are all included in our service.

We are available and extremely capable to fusion splice any size of cable or project from 8 to 20,000 splices or terminations.

All sizes of internal and external projects undertaken.

This high-speed, durable system is perfect for heavy use establishments like schools, colleges, hospitals, business and industrial sites and government buildings.

We offer a full service, including all testing to current industry standards.

Fibre-Optic Cabling

Expert communication

Available in multimode, singlemode, tight buffered and loose tube, fibre to the desk and ST,SC,FC,LC terminations, fibre optic cabling is fantastic for inter-office communication.


Its easiness to install, extensive bandwidth and immunity to both RFI and EMI make it the ultimate communication method.


It's affordable to install and increasingly popular, so there's no reason not to contact our team to find out more.


We also offer data cabling, voice cabling and wireless networks.

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Ultra-fast connections with Fibre Optic Cabling